Automated Driving @ IAA 2019

Sit Back. Relax. We’ll do the Driving

Characterized by autonomously driving and electric vehicles, future urban mobility concepts will improve the quality of life in cities. Solutions and products in the field of vehicle automation make an important contribution to accident-free and comfortable driving. In the future, seamless mobility will become part of everyday life and RoboTaxis will become an integral part of our mobility. Long motorway journeys will also be more relaxed and less stressfull. With our Cruising Chauffeur, the driver can relax and concentrate on other activities or enjoy the ride while the car drives on its own. Thanks to highly automated Valet Parking functions, time-consuming parking in confusing and narrow parking spaces is a thing of the past. The vehicle automatically finds a free parking space and parks independently.

CUbE Shuttle Service at IAA 2019

The increasing urbanization of cities and the growing traffic are making new mobility concepts necessary. Driverless, networked vehicles represent the future of mobility if we are to prevent traffic breakdown in the major population centers worldwide. Experience autonomous mobility live! During the opening hours of the fair, our autonomous shuttle service takes you on a ride around hall 10.

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  • V2X Communication
    V2X Communication

    Our Hybrid V2X solution integrates 4G and 5G network access, Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Cellular-V2X communication.

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  • Holistic Hydroplaning Solution
    Holistic Hydroplaning Solution

    By integrating different technologies into one solution, we create an overall safety system for hydroplaning prevention and assistance.

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  • Occupant Safety Monitor
    Occupant Safety Monitor

    The Occupant Safety Monitor acts as a permanent monitor of the environment in the vehicle in terms of safety.

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  • Valet Parking
    Valet Parking

    Valet Parking allows the driver to leave the car at a transfer point in front of the parking garage and activate the function.

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  • High Resolution 3D Flash LiDAR™
    High Resolution 3D Flash LiDAR™

    This innovative High Resolution 3D Flash LiDAR™ is a future-orientated solution on our way to Automated Driving.

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  • Mono Camera
    Mono Camera

    Multi-Function Mono Camera for advanced driver assistance functions and automated driving.

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  • Maneuvering

    Here you can find all relevant information and products on Continental's software functions related to Maneuvring.

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