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Dynamic Side / Rear Impact

Experienced on all sides
Side impact – playing it safe with effective processes We were pioneers in dealing with side impacts as well. Back in 1993, we were able to present our customers with study results on the design of head and thorax airbags as well as methods used to prepare calculations and conduct tests on crash and sled systems. We consistently developed these early solutions, which led to the processes and testing methods we use today.

Side impact – playing it safe with effective processes

Dynamic Side / Rear Impact

Side impacts are challenging because of the extremely fast firing times, the need for fast positioning of restraint components, and the requirement for a coherent response by different vehicle areas.
Our process follows specific steps: First, initial system design is carried out using numerical simulation.

The pre-optimized components are subsequently tested in sled and crash tests and fine-tuned for system function. A crash test is then performed to confirm that all specification requirements have been met.

Safety in rear impacts
The level of protection for vehicle occupants in a rear impact is determined to a large extent by the properties of the vehicle’s seats. For one thing, seats can absorb energy, which benefits occupants at higher crash speeds. And for another, geometric seating factors and the alignment of the seat and headrest upholstery determine whether injuries of the cervical spine, commonly known as whiplash, are likely.