Systems Competence

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  • Restraint System Development
    Restraint System Development

    We are able to create highly sophisticated automotive safety systems that meet the specific requirements of the international market.

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  • Dynamic Side / Rear Impact
    Dynamic Side / Rear Impact

    Side impacts are challenging because of the extremely fast firing times, the need for fast positioning of restraint components.

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  • Rollover

    In a rollover, it is usually not the acceleration of the passenger compartment that is the problem; rather, the danger stems from the force exerted by the spinning motion on the parts of the occupants’ bodies.

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  • Interior Engineering
    Interior Engineering

    Minimization of injury risk demands careful attention to the possible points of head impact, especially to the upper area of the vehicle’s interior and the dashboard.

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  • Pedestrian Protection
    Pedestrian Protection

    Passive and Active System Solutions for Pedestrian Protection.

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