Integrated Safety

Here you can find all relevant information and products on Continental’s software functions related to Integrated Safety.

  • Active Emergency Belt Control (AEBC)
    Active Emergency Belt Control (AEBC)

    Occupants are being prepared for an accident or emergency brake by triggering a reversible electro-mechanical belt tensioner.

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  • Automatic Emergency Call (eCall)
    Automatic Emergency Call (eCall)

    The Automatic Emergency Call automatically alerts rescue services to car crashes in case of a severe accident and/or rollover situation.

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  • Advanced Safety
    Advanced Safety

    Critical situations can be detected by surrounding sensors even before a crash occurs.

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  • Embankment Safety Control
    Embankment Safety Control

    Detection of road departures to embankments and safety control by active system intervention.

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  • Occupant Safety Monitor
    Occupant Safety Monitor

    The Occupant Safety Monitor acts as a permanent monitor of the environment in the vehicle in terms of safety.

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  • Post Crash Braking (PCB)
    Post Crash Braking (PCB)

    The PCB function assists the driver after a severe crash situation.

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  • Safe Stop - Lane Crossing Prevention Control
    Safe Stop - Lane Crossing Prevention Control

    The Post Crash Braking (PCB) function assists the driver after a crash situation.

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