Rubber & Plastics Solutions

Beyond our roots as a producer of rubber products, Continental offers products and systems made from rubber, plastic, metal, fabrics and electronic components that can be combined with individual services to make them fit for the future.

  • Drive Belts
    Drive Belts

    Whether for camshafts, auxiliary units, mild hybrids, electromechanical drives or other applications, Continental offers the right drive belt solution for every application.

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  • Hose Lines
    Hose Lines

    Continental draws on its extensive material and process expertise to develop all types of line connections for cars, trucks and buses.

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  • Surface Material
    Surface Material

    High-quality surfaces offering outstanding properties: Continental is shaping the look and feel of the complete car interior – from top to bottom.

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  • Suspension & Anti Vibration
    Suspension & Anti Vibration

    Passive and active systems from Continental insulate and dampen vibration in passenger cars. Lightweight versions of our bearings and absorbers are available, too.

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  • Sealing Systems
    Sealing Systems

    Continental offers precision-molded rubber and plastic parts for passenger cars that enhance the functional reliability of brakes, steering, engines and chassis.

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  • Tires

    Continental considers each and every safety and performance aspect. The result: top ratings for Continental tires – around the world.

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