Fluid Sensor - Flex Fuel Ethanol


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Fluid Sensor - Flex Fuel Ethanol

Fluid Sensor - Flex Fuel Ethanol

The Fluid Sensor detects the ethanol concentration in a gasoline / ethanol fuel mixture and provides alcohol content pre-injection. The engine controller utilizes sensor output to control the stoichiometric air-to-fuel ratio. In cold start combustion it improves efficiency and pollutant emissions following a refueling event.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly accurate prediction of ethanol concentration
  • Enables ethanol detection before inject./combustion
  • Outputs ethanol concentration and fuel temperature within 250 ms after start-up
  • Self diagnostic capability
  • Unique calibration for Brazil available and in production
  • Supports OBD II requirements
  • Most accurate sensor in production for determination of ethanol

Product Highlights

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