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Active Purge Pump


Active Purge Pump

The active purge system is a modular concept that provides any or all of the following OEM function options:

  • Generates the flow of fuel vapors from an evaporative emission canister and controls the purge flow.
  • OBD monitoring for hydrocarbon evaporative leak detection.
  • "Hose Off" detection for emissions compliance.
  • Functions as needed for a smooth refueling event.
  • Pressure Sensing option is available.

Features & Benefits

  • System integration capability for OEM's
  • HC purging is independent from manifold vacuum
  • OBD monitoring for HC evaporative leak detection
  • "Hose Off" detection for emissions compliance
  • Architecture enables smooth refueling event
  • Pressure sensing
  • Low power consumption (~30W)
  • Modular function options for OEM requirements
  • Located outside canister or engine compartment
  • Compact size for vehicle packaging

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