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Smart Actuator Platform


Smart Actuator Platform

The Smart Actuator Platform (SmAP) is designed as a modular platform for peripheral devices for transmissions. It can be designed as a clutch actuator, a pump for transmission lubrication or transmission cooling. Based on application field, an electric motor, electronics and housing are selected out of a standard range. By that, the SmAP can be easily adapted to the different customer requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage rating: 4.5 to 24 V
  • Power: 80 to 500 W
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 140°C
  • Sensor or sensorless control
  • functional safety level: up to ASIL C

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible actuation plaform for transmissions
  • reduced time to market due to standardised components
  • Reduced engineering efforts for OEM
  • Suppports electrification strategy of powertrains

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