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Axle Drive

This product is a highly integrated Electric Drive System with inverter, electric machine and reducer. Reduced efforts at customer for integration, sourcing, Validation. Scalability through variable rotor/stator length and gear Ratio. High power density provides compact packaging.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. torque(platform): 400 Nm
  • Max. mechanical power(platform): 140 kW
  • Continuous power(platform):  65 kW
  • Max. torque(base): ~270 Nm
  • Max. mechanical power(base): ~120 kW
  • Continuous power(base): ~60 kW

Features & Benefits

  • Integration of motor, inverter and reducer
  • No connectors, no cables between motor and inverter, easier vehicle assembly
  • Carry-over of experience from Axle Drive and 48 Volt BSG development
  • Series-proven technologies
  • Lower vehicle integration effort

Product Highlights

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