Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Here you can find all relevant information and Continental’s solution focusing on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

  • Power Electronics
    Power Electronics

    The high voltage power electronics includes an inverter and a DC/DC converter

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  • Axle Drive
    Axle Drive

    This product is a highly integrated Electric Drive System with inverter, electric machine and reducer.

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  • Smart Actuator Platform
    Smart Actuator Platform

    The Smart Actuator Platform (SmAP) is a modular platform for peripheral devices for transmissions.

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  • Thermal Management
    Thermal Management

    Here you can find all relevant information focusing on thermal management.

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  • HV Battery Junction Box
    HV Battery Junction Box

    Connects and disconnects the battery cell stack with / from the vehicle high voltage powertrain and the charging devices.

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  • HV Battery Management System (BMS)
    HV Battery Management System (BMS)

    Manages all functions of the high voltage Li-Ion batteryapplied to hybrid and electric vehicles.

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  • HV DC/DC Converter
    HV DC/DC Converter

    Ensures energy flow between the high voltage and the low voltage board net in a hybrid or electric vehicle.

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  • HV Inverter
    HV Inverter

    High power inverter for driving the electric machine intraction and generator mode.

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  • Powertrain Domain Control Unit
    Powertrain Domain Control Unit

    This product is a central processing unit for eco-driving connected energy management functions.

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