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48 Volt DC/DC Converter


48 Volt DC/DC Converter

The 48 Volt Eco Drive system from Continental has been developed for cost-efficient mass hybridization. Powertrain electrification below the safety-relevant 60 Volt level is far less expensive compared to high voltage hybridization – and yet highly efficient.  The 48 Volt DC/DC converter connects the 48 Volt boardnet and 12 Volt boardnet. It provides a stable power supply even if the engine is switched off, e.g. during advanced stop-start and coasting.

Technical Specifications

  • Power (buck): up to 3 kW permanent
  • Current (permanent): 215 A buck, 58 A boost
  • Efficiency: >95 %
  • Input voltage: 24 Volt - 54 Volt (LV 148 compliant)
  • Output voltage: 6 Volt - 16 Volt (LV 124 compliant)
  • Protection class: IP6k9k

Features & Benefits

  • Bi-directional DC/DC converter 48 Volt - 12 Volt
  • 12 Volt boardnet stabilization
  • Pre-charging function for 48 Volt DC-link
  • Self-protection based on diagnosis und limitation
  • Digital voltage and current control

Product Highlights

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