SCR Dosing Control Unit


SCR Dosing Control Unit

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SCR Dosing Control Unit


SCR Dosing Control Unit

This product is a standardized, validated electronic and SW platform for NOx  aftertreatment control of passenger vehicles. The SCR dosing unit determines, controls and monitors the urea injector and dosing system components. Furthermore, it realizes the dosing request and reports injected mass as well as failures in the dosing system, avoid NH3 slip. Safeguards long-term adaptation to keep best NOx- conversion efficiency over lifetime.

Technical Specifications

  • Core: Bolero
  • Flash size: 1 MB
  • Interfaces: CAN, SENT, PWM
  • Injector drivers: high- / low-side
  • Heater driver: 2 + 1 optional
  • Pump driver: BLDC pump + optional transfer pump
  • Housing: plastic housing; IPX6K9

Features & Benefits

  • Proven mechanical and electronic concepts (driver, ASICs etc.)
  • One ot two chambers connector approach enables optimized wiring harness
  • Direct connection to ECU and pump module
  • Plastic housing with optimized size and weight (depending on specified heating currents and power dissipation)
  • 12 V application

Product Highlights

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