Here you can find all relevant information on our catalysts.

  • Ring Catalyst
    Ring Catalyst

    This product is a ring shaped catalyst consisting of an outer mantle, a ring shaped matrix and an inner mantle.

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  • Catalytic Converter
    Catalytic Converter

    New metallic substrate design to increase efficiency during cold start and warm up conditions without penalty in back pressure.

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  • Sensor Catalyst
    Sensor Catalyst

    This product is a catalyst with integrated hole for sensors.

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  • Electrically Heated Catalyst EMICAT®
    Electrically Heated Catalyst EMICAT®

    This product is an electrically heated catalyst for gasoline and diesel passenger cars

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  • Filters

    Lifetime EGR-filter with highest efficiency to protect turbocharger from ceramic particles due to DPF regeneration

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  • Compact Catalyst System
    Compact Catalyst System

    This product is a close-coupled mounted catalyst integrated in a reverse chamber flow

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