Tech Forum 2018: “Vision Zero Goes North”

A place where normally only elks dare to tread was buzzing with activity in the last few weeks. The Test Center Arvidsjaur (TCA) in the Swedish town of Arvidsjaur celebrated its 25th anniversary in January.

On this momentous occasion, the Chassis & Safety (C&S) and Tires divisions hosted the TechnikForum 2018 media event “Vision Zero Goes North” from February 19-23, 2018 in Northern Sweden.

Around 100 media representatives from all over Europe were able to inform themselves on the newest Continental technologies on site through Market Places, presentations and on test tracks. Under the slogan “Safe and Dynamic Driving towards Vision Zero,” they received a practical insight into how C&S and Tires are working together to make Vision Zero a reality and how the interplay of tires and automotive technology significantly improves safety on the road. The demo vehicles were equipped with the following products and functions: MK C1 HAD, Side Slip Angle Control, Motion Control, Road Condition Observer and the newest generation of tires.

Since the TCA’s founding in 1992, Chassis & Safety and all business units have been using it for winter safety tests and customer presentations, as ice and snow are predominant from late November to early April, resulting in ideal weather conditions. Currently, as every year, roughly 200 employees are again on site, testing more than 30 functions in 300 different vehicles.