Continental wins EuroBrake Award

Continental wins the award for Best Presentation in the field of NVH.

As the world’s largest conference and exhibition for brake technology the EuroBrake event attracted more than 1,100 delegates who attended over 140 technical presentations. During the conference end of May 2019 in Dresden, the best written paper and best presentation of last year’s conference was awarded. With its activities and great contributions in the field of NVH, a team of test and simulation engineers of the Business Unit HBS (Hydraulic Brake Systems) received the EuroBrake 2018 award in the category Best Presentation.
The title of the presentation was “Boundary conditions in test and simulation and their influence on the NVH behavior”. NVH stands for Noise (what the customer hears), Vibration (the reason for the noise) and Harshness (how critical it sounds and feels). The motivation behind the presentation is that end customers do not accept noisy brakes. NVH issues that are brake related are still among the top JD Power reclamations in a passenger car. To guarantee maximal driver comfort and customer satisfaction, the Business Unit HBS (Hydraulic Brake Systems) is continuously developing methods and solutions to keep these noises at a minimum level.
Based on test and simulation results, the main conclusion of the team of NVH experts is as follows: The NVH behavior of brake systems is influenced by axle components and their boundary conditions. A deep knowledge of their behavior is mandatory for product development regarding NVH. The results are today considered in dynamic testing on dynamometers and simulation. The correlation of results could dramatically be increased and leads to a reduction of vehicle tests.
Continental congratulates all members of the project team for their great work.