Driving the transformation towards future mobility

The race for the new future of mobility continues and the technologies that are shaping automotive industries will transform quickly and profoundly. Continental shows its latest products and technologies supporting this transformation at the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

Auto-Shanghai-2019-KV-(1).jpgTo improve people's mobility means to improve their life and this is the goal we set ourselves - in China and in the rest of the world. During Auto Shanghai we present our latest mobility solutions in the fields of Automated Driving, Clean Power and Connectivity.

Automated Driving in the future will make mobility safer, more comfortable, and we will have time to do other things in our cars. In general, driving will become a seamless mobility experience. Many enabling technologies to make fully automated driving become true are already available today, so have a look on our fifth generation short and long-range radar, the MK 100 ESC high plus brake system or our smart autonomous door. Read more ..

Traffic is rising worldwide and to provide Clean Power for vehicles becomes essential to save our planet. Continental provides efficient Clean Power solutions for electric vehicles and combustions engines. At Auto Shanghai we present our new VRAAX™ turbochargers, our new eCompressor and our High-voltage solutions for electric vehicles. Beyond the powertrain there are additional smart innovations from Continental that help to safe energy while driving. For example, our thermal management solutions or a new wheel concept that safes weight. And last but not least our ContiAdapt tire can lower the rolling resistance for more energy-efficient driving. Read more ..

Holistic connectivity is a key technology for the intelligent mobility of the future. It adds a lot of comfort, because you can seamlessly continue your mobile live-style while driving. And it makes driving safer by ensuring a smooth flow of information between driver, vehicle and surroundings or by giving predictive information of potentially dangerous traffic situations. See our latest Holistic Connectivity solutions for V2X communication and our new Integrated Interior Platform that offers intelligent and efficient interaction between the vehicle and the driver.