A strong partnership continues

Continental teams up with NVIDIA to develop a premium Level 2+ automated driving solution

Today at CES, we announced the latest development in our partnership with NVIDIA - a premium Level 2+ automated driving solution to bring more advanced safety technology to roads sooner.
The system will run on a scalable and affordable architecture based on Continental’s portfolio of radar, LIDAR, camera and ADCU (Automated Driving Control Unit) technology, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE AutoPilot. The Level 2+ system will bridge the gap from current advanced driver assistance systems to future Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving.
NVIDIA DRIVE AutoPilot is an open platform for automated driving with unprecedented compute performance, designed to deliver Level 2+ functionality. It is built on the NVIDIA Xavier SoC, rated at 30 TOPS (trillion operations per second). The system runs multiple deep neural networks for surround perception and powers functions such as highway merges, lane changes and splits, mapping, and driver monitoring.
By taking current ADAS systems to the next level with AI-powered features, driving will become an interactive journey, keeping the driver responsible but assisting in highway driving, and increasing safety and convenience with a smart cockpit.
Continental’s strong experience in automotive safety systems and its leading position in ADAS combined with NVIDIA’s power of innovation and leadership in AI and high performance computing will kick off the next step towards autonomous driving.