Seat Backs


Seat Backs

Surface Material for Seat Backs

Product Range


  • Acella®

    Whether technical surfaces or "genuine-leather" technology is required, Acella® offers it all.

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  • Acella® Go!
    Acella® Go!

    The cost-efficient decorative material for automobile interiors is engineered specifically.

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  • Acella® Light
    Acella® Light

    The material is 20% lighter in weight than comparable standard surface materials.

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  • Beneron®

    Environmentally friendly and cost-effective compact foil.

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  • Benova®

    The high quality surface for the interior.

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  • DecoJect®

    DecoJect® is the low-cost alternative to painted injection molding.

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  • Nobelis™

    The high-quality surface as a true alternative to real leather.

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  • Nobelis™ Protect
    Nobelis™ Protect

    Exclusive appearance and ultra-luxury haptics.

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  • Xpreshn HD™
    Xpreshn HD™

    Xpreshn HD™ is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

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  • Xpreshn HD™ Light
    Xpreshn HD™ Light

    Xpreshn HD™ Light is ultra lightweight.

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  • Xpreshn HD™ Protect
    Xpreshn HD™ Protect

    High scratch resistant, high grain retention, free of halogens and plasticizers, low-emission.

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  • Xpreshn™

    Compact Foil / Foam Laminate: Up to 60% lighter in weight than standard decorative materials.

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  • Xpreshn™ Protect
    Xpreshn™ Protect

    Compact Foil / Foam Laminate: Up to 100% improvement in scratch resistance performance.

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  • Yorn®

    Yorn® the unsupported expanded vinyl with a wide range of application possibilities.

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  • Yorn® Light
    Yorn® Light

    Yorn® light weight-reduced foam laminate. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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