Surface Materials

Technical and decorative surface materials for the interior of vehicles.

  • Instrument Panel
    Surface Material for Instrument Panels

    High-quality covering materials for instrument panel applications.

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  • Door/Side/Center Console
    Surface Material for Door, Side Panel & Centre Console

    Materials for interior trims in vehicles with high functional and haptic demands.

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  • Pillar/Panel/Storage Areas
    Surface Material for Pillar, Decors & Storage Areas

    Depending on the customer's focus, our surface materials offer design, durability and environmental friendliness.

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  • Seat Cover/Headrest
    Surface Material for Seat Covers & Headrest

    Elegance, comfort, safety and durability are key factors for the design of seat covers.

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  • Seat Backs
    Surface Material for Seat Backs

    From the leather look to the compact foil, many design options are offered.

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  • Sun Visor
    Surface Material for Sun Visors

    Processed here PVC soft foils of an amine-stabilized type and known for their good grain quality and broad grain latitude.

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  • Floor Covering
    Scuff Guards & Heel Mats

    Continental PVC or TPO foils are a lighterweight, tougher flooring alternative to rubber mats.

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  • Rear Tray
    Surface Material for Rear Trays

    Surface material for the area between rear window and rear seat back.

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  • Cargo Compartment Cover
    Materials for Cargo Compartment Cover

    Roll-up privacy screens for cargo compartment cover made of textile backing material coated on both sides.

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  • Services

    Surface competence beyond the product.

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