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VoicR – Digital communication platform for new mobility services

With the VoicRTM application, Continental creates a type of swarm intelligence in driver communities. Users record short voice messages and send them to colleagues nearby or to users all over the world using personalized channels like citizens band (CB) radio. This rapid exchange of information between all connected

  • With VoicR, Continental transforms the 40-year-old analog CB radio technology into a digital real-time speech and location-based social ad-hoc network.
  • By using an Internet of Everything (IoE)-style publication and subscription network, VoicR aims to provide safe and efficient communication and updates on activities along a driving route.
In this way, Continental is creating new innovative mobility solutions for efficient, safe and future-oriented for fleet managers and commercial vehicle operators.

Learn more about VoicRTM - www.continental-infotainment.com


Safely connected and always up-to-date with VoicR integrated on Zonar Connect

By integrating VoicR on the ZonarTM tablet, Continental increases value add for fleet operators by enabling seamless communication between operators and drivers.

  • VoicR does not require drivers to have an additional mobile device. Instead, they can communicate safely and efficiently at any time thanks to Bluetooth hands-free operation – even whilst driving. This keeps them up-to-date at all times with the latest route information at all times.
  • Drivers will remain connected with each other, be able to communicate with their colleagues nearby and receive location-specific information, while fleet operators will constantly be kept up-to-date on the current status and position of their fleet.
  • Of particular interest to Zonar Connect customers is the possibility to use private channels for the sharing of sensitive business communications. This quick, responsive and intuitive solution is suitable for all types of fleets and supports drivers and fleet operators in their day-to-day activities.
In addition to the Zonar Connect tablet, VoicR can also be implemented on a variety of other hardware including head units. The smartphone version of the app can be combined with existing OEM apps to create car clubs or branded channels for popular brands of vehicles. VoicR is already available for Android and iOS devices. Via the wireless smart button known as Flic® and Bluetooth hands free, VociR can be used safely whilst driving. It keeps drivers, operators and fleet managers always up-to-date about the current situation on the streets or the environment nearby and is paving the way towards new mobility services.


New mobility services for personal and commercial use

  • Digital transformation of Citizens Band (CB) Radio
  • Real-time communications, presence and geo location platform
  • Virtually, an unlimited number of user-defined channels can be created based on user interests
  • VoicR uses friends’ lists, destinations, events, shared interests and specific services
  • Certain closed channels can also be used for business, public services or governmental institutions
  • Short voice messages are digitized and tagged with location attributes before sent to other users within a selectable distance
  • The GPS locations of all subscribers are known and used to create ad-hoc groups and filters for location based voice communications
  • Push to talk is also supported remote via devices like the Flic® button
  • Safe and intuitive user interface built in automotive grade HMI. VoicR may also be embedded on automotive infotainment hardware or special CV devices
  • Moderated OEM or branded channels can be integrated
  • Enabling 3rd parties to create and customize services

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