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Over-the-air Updates – Keeping your vehicle up-to-date

Today’s vehicles include up to 100 computing units and millions of lines of code. Keeping this digital network up-to-date or installing new functions has up to now most often required a trip to the repair shop. With vehicles being more and more digitized and drivers being used to a digital lifestyle, it is essential to keep the vehicle software up-to date at all times and to provide a convenient solution to install updates and new functions. 

Continental is helping vehicle manufacturers across the globe to solve this challenge by developing an over-the-air update solutions capable of updating the entire vehicle from powertrain to infotainment systems.


Cooperation with Inmarsat connects vehicles via satellite

Together with Inmarsat, the industry leader in global, mobile satellite communications, Continental will be able to deliver over-the-air updates across the globe through a single network. The growing number of connected vehicles worldwide are driving an increased frequency of updates that demand a scalable, global solution.
Inmarsat operates multiple geostationary satellite constellations that provide a two-way data connection combined with a global broadcast capability to enable rapid, responsive and efficient over-the-air updates to vehicles everywhere. This will allow Continental’s customers to deploy worldwide update campaigns at the push of a button, bypassing the complexity of dealing with multiple mobile network operators. The cooperation between the companies will also enable vehicles to leverage intelligent routing over satellite and terrestrial wireless (mobile, WiFi) networks to achieve the best quality of service, least cost, and highest availability.


Over-the-air updates: Fast, secure, reliable

  • Don't lose time driving to car service stations due to software updates. Receive immediate fixes for security relevant issues
  • Enjoy always up-to-date features and applications on your infotainment system
  • Your vehicle functions keep pace with the fast changing digital automotive environment
  • Secure software download and installation
  • Keep your vehicle up-to-date even in areas with no or weak mobile network coverage

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