Infotainment – Intelligent infotainment on the go

Innovative infotainment systems keep the driver always up-to-date, informed, entertained and connected.

To connect drivers and passengers seamless and holistically with the vehicle and the environment offers completely new possibilities in the field of infotainment. To make these possibilities a reality we support our customers: with secure, reliable and high-performance technologies, as well as intelligent software solutions - for different markets and for different target groups.
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  • Integrated Interior Platform
    Integrated Interior Platform

    Integrated Interior Platform is the first step towards a holistic human machine interface (HMI) concept in the car.

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  • Multimedia Systems
    Multimedia Systems

    Modern multimedia systems in cars are designed to make drivers feel at home on the road.

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  • Radios

    With our ultra-flexible Radio platforms, we create solution for radios for all markets around the world.

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