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Haptic Interaction Surfaces


Haptic Interaction Surfaces

The vision of the Haptic HMI Demonstrator is to “Simplify your HMI“. The implemented screen is controlled via touchpad which responds with vibrations. The impression of being able to ”touch“ every single screen element is created. The screen elements follow the rule of consistency. Known behaviour of touch interfaces is implemented and optimized. Natural usability is given.


Technical Information

  • 12.3” Full HD TFT-Display: real glass cover with optical bonding
  • Search haptics: Virtual edges for scrolling through long lists and/or menu navigation
  • Push-button haptics: Virtual push-button like feeling enabled by force sensing technology
  • Touchpad with active haptic feedback: touchpad surface (112mm x 70mm) mirrors the  12.3” display in exact aspect ratio
  • Functional trim panel in alu optic: IMD surface technology creating a “black panel effect” combined with active haptic feedback and capacitive sensing enabling functional bookmarks


Benefits & Features

  • Safety:  Haptic feedback technology significantly reduces driver distraction (enables blind detection) 
  • Scalability: Haptic feedback technology is scalable to device sizes and feedback impulse 
  • Feel your Screen: Finger coordinates are transferred as absolute position to main display, no additional visual glances necessary
  • Design and functionality: The trim panel in alu optic with vanishing buttons and bookmarks
  • Performance: Extremely fast and reliable response

Product Highlights

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