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Curved Centerstack System

Curved Centerstack System

Our Curved Centerstack System demonstrates the System integration of various technologies such as curved AMOLED touch displays, active haptic feedback, gesture detection and also innovative functional plastic surfaces.

In the next step we will integrate our Plastic competency in a series-ready process with IMD/IML technology for a quick, reliable, cost-effective all-in-one process, eliminating several process steps.


Technical Information

  • Large curved design cover plastic surface (in-mold decoration, in-mold labeling)
  • Capacitive touch film 
  • Two 12.3" AMOLED display films (167ppi), individually curved and optically bonded
  • Active haptic feedback technology with search (virtual buttons) and push-button haptics
  • Time of Flight camera for gesture detection


Benefits & Features

  • Situation aware free air gestures
  • Cost improvement  for curved surfaces compared to glass
  • High value seamless appearance
  • Harmonic form integration into interior design 
  • Active haptic feedback with force sensing on large surfaces for reduced driver distraction
  • Multi-modal interaction concept dependent on the driving situation

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