Control Elements


Control Elements

Solutions for Passenger Cars


Keeping a handle on traffic and functions

The growing number of increasingly complex devices and functions has created a demand for new control concepts that optimally support the driver without, at the same time, posing a distraction or making excessive claims on the driver’s attention.

Whether for requesting or inputting information or adjusting the controls on a device, the holistic HMI solutions developed in our ergonomics lab are designed to optimally deal with the full complexity of a driver's in-vehicle world and of today’s traffic conditions.

This has resulted in innovative electronic and mechatronic input solutions for drivers and passengers that ensure the simplest and most reliable control of devices and systems possible.

These offer carmakers diverse possibilities for realizing their own make and control philosophy that does justice to the increased diversity of vehicle types. Depending on what the vehicle manufacturer has in mind, we make use of different materials and technologies and design control elements using the most diverse shapes and forms. This way we help ensure that each vehicle make and every vehicle type is assigned a character of its very own.


Switch technologies for every need

Our range of products and services includes rotary devices with precise, programmable haptic feedback as well as control panels with capacitive, resistive or piezo technology.

Our development activities are also focused on control concepts that incorporate black panel surfaces, vanishing effects and voice command technologies.

Overview of control functions

  • Ultra-flat control panels employing capacitive or piezo technology for signal evaluation
  • Possibility of implementing black panel surfaces (vanishing effects)
  • Programmable haptic feedback
  • Modular concept



  • Lower production costs
  • Fewer mechanical parts
  • Optimum stability
  • Environment /distance detection possible
  • Simplified HMI/navigation

Product Highlights

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