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Integrated Interior Platform


Integrated Interior Platform

Our new Integrated Interior Plattform is an important step towards a Holistic  Human-Machine Interface. Functions that were limited either to the instrument cluster or to the head unit ,can now be used on both. Drivers can dynamically distribute content across multiple displays and place information right where they need to see it. It becomes possible to handle all input and output devices of the vehicle and even mobile devices using only one HMI Electronic Control Unit (ECU).


Technical Information

  • 2 x 12.3″ reconfigurable TFT displays optical bonded to a homogenious curved surface
  • LED matrix display for optical confirmation and warning of the driver
  • Powerful Cortex A15 processor running cluster, head unit and divers input and output devices
  • Hypervisor technology to separate memories of safety relevant and information or web based functions


Benefits & Features

  • Exciting – Flexible HMI for new user experience and maximum personalization
  • Convenient – Joy of use, easy and fun to operate
  • Affordable – Integration of head unit and cluster in one ECU
  • Compelling – Seamless HMI appearance with a holistic approach and consistent HMI philosophy
  • Scalable – Integrated solution for the mass market, scalable towards high end

Product Highlights

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