Display Systems

Clear, intuitive and focused. Our display systems provide easy orientation even in complex driving situations.

To inform the driver as efficiently as possible and to relieve him of an overload of information is the goal of our solutions for display systems. This is realized in our instrument clusters and display solutions, in modern cross-domain solutions such as our Integrated Interior Platform or in head-up displays with or without augmented reality.

  • Head-Up-Displays

    The head-up display reduces driver distraction and increases driver safety.

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  • Instrument Clusters
    Instrument Clusters

    Instrument clusters – For the best overview.

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  • Display Solutions
    Display Solutions

    Our Display Solutions encompass displays and indicators in the instrument panel and display solutions for rear-seat passengers.

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  • 3D Digital Cluster Surface
    3D Digital Cluster Surface

    The ‘3D Digital Cluster Surface‘ shows a seamless transparent 3D formed display surface with topographic elements.

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  • Integrated Interior Platform
    Integrated Interior Platform

    Drivers can dynamically distribute content across multiple displays and place information right where they need to see it.

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