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Power Stabilization


Reliable Operation of all Vehicle Components with our DC/DC Converter

Effectively avoid Voltage Drops

To ensure reliable and safe operation of all vehicle components it is important to avoid voltage drops. Especially if the engine is started or re-started the voltage of the electrical system drops down, causing disruptions in the operation of the radio, navigation and phone. Nowadays this problem occurs more often because of modern Stop/Start systems. These systems switch off the engine every time the vehicle stops for example at traffic lights or railroad crossings. This is indispensible for the reduction of CO2 and for lower energy consumption, but at the same time every re-start of the engine inherits the danger of voltage drops.
To avoid these disruptions, our DC/DC converter boosts up the electrical sytems voltage and stabilizes it to 12V for selected consumers.


Our DC/DC Converter for an Optimum Energy Balance

Our DC/DC converter stabilizes the power net for selected loads such as multimedia devices during the engine cranking in Stop/Start Systems. It effectively buffers voltage drop and avoids malfunction in case of a weak battery.

Overall cost efficient solution in design, BOM and manufacturing

  • Generic approach with modular concept
  • Less complex design, less components on PCB
  • Minimized packaging space
  • Optimized assembly process
  • In mass production with 200W and 400W solution

Excellence in performance
  • Up to 5s boost interval possible
  • Less then 15ms reaction time
  • Exact measurement of input voltage for optimized performance (voltage ramping)
  • Temperature measurement on PCB for overheat protection
  • Diagnosis via LIN, CAN or PWM possible
  • Lead-free PCB design

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