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Gateways – Managing the Vehicle's Data Network

The rising amount of functions available in today's vehicles is leading to both a more complex electronic architecture and to an increasing number of involved electronic control units (ECUs).

To ensure smooth, safe and correct communication between all ECUs it is necessary to have one master unit to coordinate the data transfer within the vehicle network system.

Gateways are the enabler for communication within a vehicle network system and thereby function as a data router as well as a central computing unit between vehicle network domains (powertrain, body, infotainment, etc.). In addition to that, the level of security of an in-vehicle architecture can be increased using a Gateway.


Gateways – Managing the Vehicle's Data Network

As the central electronic control module for vehicle data network management, the Gateway transmits data between various vehicle domain bus systems, such as engine compartment bus, interior bus, optical bus for multimedia and diagnostic bus for maintenance, and evaluates them. Furthermore the gateway can act as a host for additional applications and functions like vehicle energy management or vehicle power mode centrally (vehicle functional server/VFS, vehicle application server/VAS).



  • Continental vehicle Gateways are based on standardized hardware and software platforms and offer significant high volume product cost advantages to our customers
  • Our Gateways operate state-of-the-art and innovative bus technologies  (LIN, CAN, CAN FD MOST, Ethernet, BroadRreach, FlexRay …)
  • Continental has a long history & invaluable experience in the field due to our partnerships with Premium OEM's since the very beginning of Gateway development

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