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Intelligent Antenna Module

A smarter way to connect

Imagine a future where the Internet does not just come into the car, but where the car becomes a part of the Internet. With our Intelligent Antenna Module the future of connected driving becomes reality.

The Intelligent  Antenna Module represents the interface between the car and the outside world. It is the central multi-antenna access point making it possible to receive and share information with the infrastructure (WiFi, WLAN n/ac), other cars (WLAN p), smartphones (BTLE and WiFi), cellular networks (LTE/UMTS) satellite navigation (GNSS), or radio broadcast (AM/FM).

One major advantage of the Intelligent Antenna Module is that it simplifies wiring throughout the vehicle and takes up less space. It also improves signal quality and enables optimum scalability. 


Packaging options

The roof-top module includes external antennas and receivers, e.g. for GNSS and Keyless Entry. The in-car module includes internal antennas and transceivers. Depending on vehicle functions one of these modules or a combination of roof-top and in-car module may be chosen. The connection to other control units in the vehicle may be via CAN/LIN, Flexray, USB, Ethernet, RF coaxial cabling, or a combination of these.


An innovative way to integrate several control units into one module

The Intelligent Antenna Module substantially reduces system complexity. Most radio receivers and transmitters are distributed across many control units inside the vehicle. The Intelligent Antenna Module integrates them into one unit which processes the data, links via one digital bus to various control units in the vehicle and makes by this way applications available to the user.

The Intelligent Antenna Module contains:
  • External antennas
  • In-car antennas
  • Receivers, transceivers and tuners
  • Digital bus interface
  • Processing core

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