Connectivity & Telematics

With our reliable integration solutions, connecting mobile devices to vehicles is convenient and user-friendly.

Device connectivity – For a wide variety of media: With the number and range of mobile devices steadily rising, there are also growing requirements for suitable integration solutions. We provide convenient and reliable solutions for in-car use of iPod, cellular phones and portable navigation systems via Bluetooth, USB or WLAN.

Telematics – Regardless of whether it’s a matter of connecting vehicles to each other (Car 2 Car/C2C) or to the infrastructure (Car 2 Infrastructure/C2I), the products we develop consistently focus on the objective of making driving safer and more comfortable, thereby enabling drivers to concentrate fully on the road and on driving.


  • Telematics

    Our Telematics solutions are the key enabler for a holistic Connectivity between drivers, vehicles and the environment.

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  • Smartphone Integration
    Smartphone Integration

    Seamless Smartphone Integration: For safe use while driving

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  • Smart Device Integration
    Smart Device Integration

    Secure and Comfortable

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  • Intelligent Antenna Module
    Intelligent Antenna Module

    The Intelligent Antenna Module represents the interface between the car and the outside world.

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