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Intelligent Street Light Control

Continental makes Street Lights Smart

In a few years the majority of street lights will be fitted with LEDs. The benefits of LEDs are so significant that in some cases operators are replacing existing lamps even before they have reached the end of their usual service life. In addition to drastic energy savings of around one third, LED light also requires significantly less maintenance. LEDs are long lasting and “do not fail all at the same time,” making the planning of maintenance work considerably easier and more efficient.
But more than that, our Intelligent Street Light Control enables proactive safety for a smart city. It allows the recognition of movement and shapes on streets and sidewalks to enable additional safety functions while providing true-color lighting through LED technology and event-driven steering of light intensity.


Let there be light

  • DALI streetlights standard compatible
  • Multiple short / long range communication capabilities (Sigfox, LoRA, Zygbee, Power Line Communication…)
  • Smart sensor for shape recognition (differentiation between cars and pedestrians) under the streetlight and up to 200m away


Street lights become intelligent

  • Independent LED channels management
  • Events recognition & adaptive lighting can facilitate obstacles identification
  • 0 – 100% light dimming
  • Reduction of maintenance efforts and expenses through off-peak dimming
  • Extended lifetimes of street lights due to best use of LED technology and event-driven steering of light intensity
  • Lower energy consumption & costs
  • Lower CO₂ emissions
  • Remote monitoring and control

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