Access Control Systems

Providing effective security and more convenient vehicle access.

As the leading supplier of access control systems, Continental develops innovative technologies that make it more convenient and access and start modern vehicles. Our product range starts off with simple Immobilizers and Remote Keyless Entry Systems (RKE), which are available as standard equipment on many of today’s vehicles. More sophisticated systems allow for completely new convenience functions. These include our handsfree access solution PASE, Bidirectional Keys and Digital Keys with Near Field Communication (NFC). Also the combination with a technology like Bluetooth is easily possible.

  • Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
    Classic Access: Remote Keyless Entry

    Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems represent the standard solution for conveniently locking and unlocking by remote control.

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  • PASE

    PASE allows to access the vehicle and start the engine without having to hold the key in your hand.

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  • Smart Device Integrated Access
    Smart Device Integrated Access

    Car access via smartphone and tablet.

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  • Biometric Elements
    Access System with Biometric Elements

    Our access systems with biometric elements make accessing the vehicle even more comfortable and secure.

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  • Wearables

    Wearable key: always have your car key around your wrist.

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  • Start Stop Button
    Start Stop Button

    The Continental Start Stop Button provides a modern, sporty look & feel, and intuitive guidance for the driver.

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  • Immobilizer

    A vehicle equipped with an Immobilizer can be started only after the key has communicated with the transponder and been identified.

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