Information Management

Here you can find all relevant information related to Information Management.

  • Display Solutions
    Display Solutions

    Our Display Solutions encompass displays and indicators in the instrument panel and display solutions for rear-seat passengers.

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  • Instrument Clusters
    Instrument Clusters

    Instrument clusters – For the best overview.

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  • Cross Domain Hub
    Cross Domain Hub

    Drivers can dynamically distribute content across multiple displays and place information right where they need to see it.

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  • Head-Up-Displays

    The head-up display reduces driver distraction and increases driver safety.

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  • Multimedia Systems
    Multimedia Systems

    Modern multimedia systems in cars are designed to make drivers feel at home on the road.

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  • Radios

    With our ultra-flexible Radio platforms, we create solution for radios for all markets around the world.

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  • Haptic Controls
    Haptic Controls

    Haptic Controls – Comfortable and intuitive.

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  • Interior Cameras
    Interior Cameras

    Interior Cameras – It can be used for Driver Monitoring or Gesture Recognition.

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