Multi-Display Solutions

Shapes as individual and modern as today's interior designs

Today’s displays are as individual as today's cars. Forms and functions follow brand specific design philosophies. New degrees of design freedom are enabled by the seamless integration of multiple displays into 3D shaped freeform surfaces and enable new User Experiences. Our technologies allow a nearly endless variety of forms and shapes.

Continental Display Solutions.

More wow than ever.

With the ever-increasing digitalization, displays are becoming THE key differentiator of modern vehicle interiors and are the most important interface for the interaction of driver and vehicle. Changed user demands and new technologies enable novel interior cockpit designs.

With our broad technical know-how and long experience in the field of instrumentation, Continental is the leading innovator for automotive display solutions.

Flat was Yesterday

Bringing depth to the digital world

The trend of the inflationary use of flat media displays made designs boring and interchangeable. We offer several technologies that bring depth and excitement back to the cockpit. Cutting edge nanotechnology enables our 3D displays, which brings an unprecedented natural 3D experience. Free formed and free shaped cover glasses are integrated harmoniously into the cockpit design and bring new excitement to the cockpit design. Touch display with three-dimensional topographic elements on the surface provide finger guidance and significantly improve the blind operability.


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Function Integration

Managing complexity

For an optimal user experience, lots of different competencies must be taken into consideration. The demands for system integration capabilities increased rapidly with the growing number of displays, new interaction technologies and new use cases. With our deep inhouse expertise, vast product portfolio and broad mass production experience, Continental is your one-stop-shop partner even for the most complex and demanding display projects.

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