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Soiled windshields or/and headlights are a risk to any driver. Continental offers modular products and solutions with intelligent applications that increase the safety of drivers by clean windshields and headlights in any weather conditions. The Continental hose is part of the reliable washer system and matched to the car manufacturers’ requirements by various materials and sizes. Continental hoses are available both for heated and unheated washer systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Corrugated materials: PA (Polyamide), PP (Polypropylene), PA/PP
  • Rubber materials: EPDM and TPV
  • Hoses with various diameters
  • Connector clip in different colors to distinguish front and rear hose
  • Rubber sealed QuickSnap - Connectors of various generations
  • 2nd Generation Connector: High temperature tolerance, easy mounting and dismounting with acoustic click-fastening
  • 3rd Generation Connector: High temperature tolerance, connector is directly connected to the corrugated hose, cost reduction for hoses longer than 1.50m

Features & Benefits

  • Meets highest temperature & pressure specifications
  • Audible confirmation of correct fitment (QuickSnap - Connector)
  • Easy connection and release of hoses
  • Flexible pipe lengths
  • Cost saving combination of different connector generations
  • Reduced connecting forces
  • Environmentally friendly

Product Highlights

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