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Headlight cleaning

The Continental nozzles are part of the reliable washer system that increase the safety of drivers by clean windshields and headlights in any weather conditions. Headlamp cleaning nozzles are available in different technologies: telescopic and static, single and double head.

Technical Specifications

  • Hydraulic cylinder with upside down technology for protection of sealing against debris
  • Modular telescopic nozzle with stroke lengths: 65mm, 80mm and 90mm
  • Latest fluidic technology with chip inserted in nozzle
  • Hose connector: Bottom or side inlet, fix or rotatable

Features & Benefits

  • Various stroke lengths available in function of the vehicle front end design
  • Customized single or double nozzle head according cleaning requirements
  • Various hose connections
  • Safe performance by excellent dust and debris protection of sealing
  • No freezing risk by open cylinder end
  • Improved cleaning performance by X-factor spray pattern

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