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Camera Cleaning Systems

Camera Cleaning Systems

The dynamic progress of automated driving functions is increasingly leading to the integration of sensors and camera systems in the front and rear of the vehicle. The functions will enhance the future use of Surround View and Mirror Replacement through to so-called smart applications. These systems not only provide images, but also actively intervene with braking and steering maneuvers in hazardous situations or dim the high beams. Therefore, in order to ensure the correct working of these functions, cleaning will become an absolute necessity.Concerning this matter, Continental provides solutions which arealready in series production (e.g. Night Vision cleaning system).

Technical Specifications

  • Different spray pattern for camera and Lidar systems
  • Static or telescopic nozzles possible
  • Heated with heater wire for nozzle and/or lens
  • Nozzle technologies: Ball nozzle / Fluidic  insert
  • Integrated check valve for short response time

Features & Benefits

  • Increased driver satisfaction
  • Prepared for autonomous driving
  • Higher sustainability rating
  • Increased road safety
  • Easy to assemble
  • With and without heating function
  • One supplier from pump to camera nozzle
  • System responsibilty in one hand

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