Here you can find all relevant information and products on Continental’s software functions related to Maneuvering.

  • Automated Parking – Driver/Remote
    Automated Parking – Driver/Remote

    Supports the driver with typical parking scenarios.

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  • Automated Parking – Garage
    Automated Parking – Garage

    The system conducts automated garage parking maneuvers.

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  • Automated Parking – Trained Parking
    Automated Parking – Trained Parking

    The driver supervises the maneuver to the final parking position from outside via remote control (SAE L2).

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  • Motion Controller
    Motion Controller

    The Motion Controller is a key component and enabler for highly automated and autonomous driving.

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  • Surround View 3D Bowl
    Surround View 3D Bowl

    The 3D surround view function presents the driver with a dynamic set of synthetic viewpoints.

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  • Trailer Reverse Assist
    Trailer Reverse Assist

    A rear trailer detection utilizing an intelligent rear camera module and intuitive control to enhance safety for truck/trailer combinations.

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