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Decentralized acceleration satellite sensor gSAT for all-around protection: the intelligent crash sensors are the perfect complement to the SPEED airbag control unit in a crash. In a collision the acceleration satellites gSAT deliver an additional plus in support. They measure and supply the information on the acceleration values in the rigid vehicle structures to the SPEED airbag control unit. SPEED can determine both – the duration of intrusion and the intensity of the crash – and activate lifesaving restraint systems in just milliseconds.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensing principle applicable for front crashes, side crashes and Pedestrian Protection Sensing
  • Fully integrated solution: signal conditioning, sensor self diagnosis
  • Protocol handling
  • Synchronous data transfer with 10 Bit (PSI5)
  • Acceleration ranges: ±120 g; ±240 g; ±480 g
  • Sensing axes: x, y, z and dual-axis
  • Temperature range: -40 up to 85°C (side), -40 up to 125°C (front)

Features & Benefits

  • Cost efficient housing concept with one bushing
  • High integration flexibility through various sensing axes
  • “Intelligent sensor“ through full integration
  • Extensive worldwide field experience
  • Excellent product quality (close to 0 ppm)

Product Highlights

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