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Safety Domain Control Unit

Safety Domain Control Unit

The SDCU - the top-of-the-line Safety Domain Control Unit - is supporting the sophisticated safety systems in premium markets. In addition to the functions supported by the Safety Control Unit its powerful multi-core microcontroller is particularly suitable for the integration of complex active and passive safety features. It also contains high-bandwidth interfaces for the required data exchange as electronic node of the vehicle network.  The highly advanced product is based on the modular SPEED platform concept that allows an economical and efficient Safety Domain Control Unit development according to the needs of automotive OEMs worldwide. The SPEED platform offers a high level of flexibilty and integration options with an optimized effort for development.

Technical Specifications

  • Provides front, side and rear impact detection and discrimination
  • Controls rollover functions detection and discrimination
  • Supports up to 40 firing loops and 12 satellite sensors
  • Optional Pitchover and Redundant Vehicle Dynamics Sensing
  • Optional Power Moding and Event Data Recording
  • Integration platform for additional safety functions,  e.g. Crash Impact Sound Sensing, Pedestrian Protection (g/pSAT-based), Post Crash Braking, Active Emergency Belt Control

Features & Benefits

  • Integration platform for complex active and passive safety features
  • Flexibility and cost optimization by modular building blocks
  • Adaptable to customer-specific requirements
  • Modular concept  for reduced development effort and time-to-market
  • Integration platform for additional safety functions, e.g. Active Rollover Sensing, Vehicle Dynamics Sensing (Sensor Cluster) as well as Pedestrian Protection and advanced Pre and Post Crash functions

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