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Intelligent Battery Sensor

Intelligent Battery Sensor

The shunt-type IBS continuously analyzes the status of conventional 12-Volt lead acid batteries and provides information on such key parameters as the state-of-charge, state-of-function (power ability) and state-of-health (aging) of the battery. Dedicated algorithms developed by Continental can be offered as well as a pure high precision measurement interface.  The sensor is thus essential to reliable operation of automotive start-stop systems. The IBS informs a higher level control unit such as the engine control unit or the body control unit whether there is sufficient energy left in the battery, thus ensuring that the engine can be automatically shut off and cranked again. It also supports that electrical devices such as the radio or the ventilation fan continue to operate during the stop phase.  In hybrid vehicles the IBS sensors' accuracy and specific algorithms are necessary for inertial resistance (Rint) measurements.  The IBS is mounted directly onto the battery and fits exactly into the niche around the negative terminal. This means that it can be deployed with any standard battery.  In addition to being able to monitor the battery, the IBS also helps to detect defective electronic components in the car, thanks to its monitoring of the key-off current. The sensor enhances the automobile’s diagnostic ability and can thus warn of possible breakdowns that may not even be caused by the battery.  Moreover, the IBS helps to extend battery life by 10 to 20 percent via an improved charging strategy.

Technical Specifications

  • Measurement range voltage: 5 V up to 18 V
  • Measurement range current: -1500 A up to 1500 A
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C up to 105 °C
  • Typ. Accuracy SOC: 10 %
  • Typ. Accuracy SOH: 10 %
  • Typ. Accuracy SOF: 500 mV
  • Communication by LIN 2.0/2.1

Features & Benefits

  • Supports CO2 reduction measures, such as intelligent alternator control or stop/start function
  • Helps to avoid vehicle breakdowns caused by early warning of battery breakdown
  • Lightest sensor on the market < 80 grams (bolt version)
  • Provides the battery’s State-of-Charge (SOC), State-of-Health (SOH), State-of-Function (SOF)
  • Battery quick detection independent of battery type within 10  sec. after connection (SOC)
  • Use of Freescale chipset offers a real 2nd source for OEM on market
  • Improved chipset features (auto-ranging, programmable filtering, separate ADC for temperature measurement …)
  • Cost optimized flexible generic design for thread bolt and cable assemblies
  • Detects defect components during vehicle assembly to improve 0 km quality
  • EOBD & OBDII support 

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