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Pedal Angle Sensor

Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles make use of sensors that were developed for advanced braking systems. In this case, the condition of regenerative braking plays an important role in stopping the vehicle. To implement this function, the hybrid or electric vehicle must detect the driver’s braking intention electronically at the brake pedal and send a signal to that effect to the control unit. This can take place, for example, via an angle sensor mounted on the brake pedal. Another possibility is to measure the path traveled by the piston rod in the brake master cylinder. The Pedal Angle Sensor (PAS) concept is a best-cost alternative for future brake systems. This approach is modular and flexible and can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. The sensor has a redundant output with analogue or PWM interface.

Technical Specifications

  • Basic housing with customer specific mounting adapter provides highest flexibility
  • Different analog and digital output signal available
  • Cost optimized
  • Brake Light Switch function can be implemented with the vehicle system

Features & Benefits

  • Monitors driver brake command in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Completely redundant with analog or PWM interface
  • Measurement range programmable
  • 5 Volt power supply
  • Over voltage and reverse polarity protection

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