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Chassis Position Sensor

The Chassis Position Sensor (CPS) in its 2nd Generation is an angular sensor with its first SOP beginning in 2018. It combines the experience and knowledge from our previous Ride Height and Pedal Angle Sensors leading to this new design. The angular Hall IC allows a high robustness against external magnetic field and a full 360° measurement range. This range is programmable according to customer requirements, e.g. 4 x 90°. The signal can be analogue, PWM or with PSI5. In addition, the 2nd generation supports the safety compliance ASIL A, which is complemented by its design feature of separating the electronics completely from the mechanics. This design also allows a lower weight and a lower component count.  The standard version of the CPS sensor is equipped with a 3-pin MLK connector. In case of specific application requirements a different lever design is possible.

Technical Specifications

  • Programmable measurement ranges, e.g. 4 x 90°
  • Offset programmable over 360 deg
  • Sensitivity 0,057 V/deg nom. (programmable)
  • Supply voltage range: 4,75 V up to 5,25 V
  • Analog output, PWM, PSI5 available
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to 125°C
  • No mechanical stop
  • Separation of electronics and mechanics
  • Molded element (no PCB)
  • Resolution 0,022°  (12 bit at 90 deg)
  • Designed for automotive systems (wheel housing, harsh environments)

Features & Benefits

  • Headlight leveling according to ECE regulations
  • Advanced front lighting systems (AFL)
  • Active suspension systems
  • Ride height control
  • Inclination and pitch control
  • Safety compliance: ASIL A

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