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Electric Vacuum Pump Control Unit


Electric Vacuum Pump Control Unit

The Electric Vacuum Pump Control Unit (EVP*-ECU) provides safe and reliable control of the vacuum pump including driver warning in case of malfunction within the vacuum system and provides full diagnostic capability by integrated safety master slave controllers, evaluation of 1 or 2 vacuum sensor(s), power module with soft start capability and CAN bus communication. The EVP is able to cover all vacuum requirements especially in electric, hybrid and diesel-powered vehicles as well as in gasoline direct injected engines. The EVP is a basic component for CO2 reduction, as it serves as a flexible vacuum on demand source.    Furthermore, the EVP is used if the internal combustion engine on modern vehicles does not produce sufficient vacuum to operate the brake booster and vacuum-controlled actuators.

Technical Specifications

  • Smart and failsafe power control for the electric vacuum pump
  • Detection of numerous pumps and power stage failures (e.g. blocked pump)
  • Logic and power module integrated in one ECU
  • Vehicle communication via CAN bus or dedicated digital interface
  • Thermal incident protection (Thermal fuse)
  • Scalable cold start detection/behavior

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design: Easy to adapt to specific customer requirements
  • Cross carline applications with low application effort
  • Product ready for vehicle application
  • Safety integrity up to ASIL C
  • Open pump interface
  • Full self diagnostic coverage
  • Self protected scalable safe-state

Product Highlights

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