Brake Hoses

Continental is one of the world's leading brake hose suppliers and has many years of experience with the entire hydraulic brake technology. Our high level of expertise with respect to the installation in the vehicle, as well as optimized assembly processes and a high degree of automation, secure a world class quality standard.

  • Brake Hose Type 9
    Brake Hose Type 9

    Continental’s hose Type 9 combines EPDM inner and outer rubber with double layer PVA yarn.

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  • Brake Hose Type 11
    Brake Hose Type 11

    Type 11 combines the excellent performance of Type 9 with a weight reduction, in order to meet the requirements of our customers on environmental compatibility and considerate usage of resources.

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  • Brake Hose Type 12
    Brake Hose Type 12

    Brake Hose Type 12 focuses on the improved volumetric expansion at an increased temperature.

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