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The electric parking brake replaces the conventional handbrake lever within the interior by a switch or push button. The Electric Parking Brake control unit (EPB-ECU) provides a fully automated control of different types of EPB actuators e.g. caliper integrated actuators or cable pullers. The EPB-ECU controls the actuator and provides smart functionality, recognizing when to apply and release the parking brake. To do this, the EPB-ECU is fully integrated into the vehicle’s network architecture. The EPB-ECU evaluates data from various engine, transmission, and wheel sensors, as well as tracking the position of the clutch and throttle.

Technical Specifications

  • ECU safety concept for cable puller and direct actuators
  • Redundant signal input for safety relevant information
  • Fail safe concept: Parallel signal processing by master / slave architecture
  • Communication: CAN interface
  • Integrated low-g sensor
  • Integrated yaw rate cluster optional

Features & Benefits

  • Easy handling manual mode: Apply and release via button (push or pull)
  • More freedom for the interior design without handbrake lever
  • Optimized standstill management (automatic mode): Automatic brake at hill standstill
  • Hill holder: Drive away function at slopes
  • Emergency braking: In case of a service brake failure
  • Electronic with proven functional safety architecture
  • 100% in house development of hard & software
  • Improved comfort and functional safety architecture
  • Stand alone EPB-ECU or actuator integrated solutions
  • Support of all types of EPB-actuators e.g. caliper integrated, cable puller

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