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Caliper integrated

In order to meet increasing requirements in regard of safety, comfort and networking the electric parking brake is progressively replacing the mechanical hand brakes. In addition to the improved safety and comfort for the customers it offers the car manufacturers more freedom and options for the vehicle's interior design.  The Electric Parking Brake in general replaces the mechanical activation via the hand brake lever by an electrical switch and electromechanical actuators building up the required clamp forces.  The EPB-Ci is the industry's mainstream product within the portfolio of EPB solutions being developed by Continental. It realizes the required brake torque via electromechanical actuators being directly mounted to the rear axle calipers. To meet car manufacturers' expectations to reduce cost, weight and size, Continental offers an integrated version. Here the controls and power stages are integrated into the ESC controller.

Technical Specifications

  • Premium gear concept with high efficiency --> less power consumption
  • Short application times <1s
  • High clamp forces (up to 20kN)
  • Potential downsizing by usage of hydraulic preload function
  • Durability of 100.000 load cycles

Features & Benefits

  • Simple operation via the EPB switch
  • Improved comfort and safety
  • Reduced weight and packaging size
  • Modular box with full range scaleability
  • Emergency Brake Function in event of failures with high decel and stability
  • Automatic Apply when the driver parks the vehicle
  • Implementation of various assistance functions for safety and comfort
  • Global footprint for R&D and manufacturing
  • Premium NVH behavior

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