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Relaxed driving means knowing how fast you are allowed to drive

Failure to see a road sign displaying the permissible maximum speed can be expensive and, especially for people who rely on their driving license for their work, the consequences can be unpleasant.

Traffic Sign Recognition has a display on the instrument panel to remind drivers of the current speed limit. This is achieved through multiple use of the same camera which is also used for the Lane Departure Warning system. When combined with high-performance software, it can also recognize speed limit signs.

Digitized speed limit information of the on board navigation system will be incorporated to be prepared for roads not assigned with speed limit signs.

Features & Benefits

  • Safer and less stressful driving, because one is always well informed
  • Easy way to avoid speeding
  • Prevents driving the wrong way in traffic
  • Do not pass signs are displayed


The described function can be realized with the following technologies:

Multi Function Mono Camera

Multi Function Mono Camera – MFC

MFC increases comfort through recognition of traffic signs and lanes as well as controlling the high beams, therefore relieving the driver from strain.

Multi Function Stereo Camera

Multi Function Stereo Camera – MFS

MFS makes the recognition of 3D objects possible and extends the emergency brake assistant function with pedestrian recognition. Forms the basis for premium functions for adaptive control of the chassis (e.g. magic carpet).

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