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Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning

Sleep creeps up on you almost unnoticed: at the end of a long drive back from your holiday or after a stressful, tiring day at work, you are notoriously at risk of falling asleep for a few seconds. The driver nods off for an instant and unfortunately the consequences are not always just damage to the bodywork.

Tiredness is a factor in roughly one in four serious accidents; particularly at night when the risk of an accident is twice as great as by day. This is just one of the worst scenarios when the system can help, but there are many more circumstances which can bring a car close to a unintentional leaving of the lane – at the end this could be as dangerous as falling asleep.

The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) driver assistance system alerts the driver with acoustical or haptic warnings before his vehicle is about to leave the lane. According to a study carried out on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, LDW could prevent just about half of the accidents caused in this way.
The Lane Keeping System (LKS) additionally responds through a gentle intervention in the steering, which the driver can counteract at any time. This can save additional time to react appropriately – each and every second counts.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents dangerous situations due to inattention or micro-sleep
  • More relaxed driving and enhanced safety without distracting the Driver

The described function can be realized with the following technologies:

Multi Function Mono Camera

Multi Function Mono Camera – MFC

MFC increases comfort through recognition of traffic signs and lanes as well as controlling the high beams, therefore relieving the driver from strain.

Multi Function Stereo Camera

Multi Function Stereo Camera – MFS

MFS makes the recognition of 3D objects possible and extends the emergency brake assistant function with pedestrian recognition. Forms the basis for premium functions for adaptive control of the chassis (e.g. magic carpet).

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